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Everyone may participate from the first day he or she shows up at choir rehearsal. There are 2 sections that work both separately and jointly (for less time). "Cantalab" is for the beginners and new members, as well as people who are temporarily staying on the island (less than a September-June academic period). The “Cantalaloun” section is that of the oldest members in principle. In particular, old members who need to enhance their vocal skills, as well as new members with relevant chorus experience, are recommended to attend both sections. The participants are selected following the recommendation of the coordinator-conductor who conducts hearings throughout the year.


There is a free contribution fund to the choir, with a proposed/suggested amount of € 10  per month and €  5 for students. It should be emphasized that this price is paid by those who can afford it. Others  can contribute to many of the choir's volunteer work sites, such as car transportation, the organization of the music material and its sharing, the organization of tours, etc. This serves the double goal of the choir, where everyone feels actively as a member of a community and not merely as a consumer who is simply offered a service. The creation of the Choir Mutual Assistance Network is an extension of this spirit.


More than 300 people have joined the choir so far, with the vast majority being Primary and Secondary School teachers, NGO members and refugees.

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